Every corner has a story to tell. A hidden history lost to time. Rediscover your city with Historia, and uncover the past just waiting to be revealed.


Using the latest advances in G.P.S technology and augmented reality, Historia allows you to walk the streets of our city, whilst scanning your environment in real time. It reveals the past around you with the use of archival footage, photographs, videos and newspaper articles. Take tours of historic events and travel the past with the use of interactive maps and timelines. You can also create your own timeline. Upload photographs and videos of your own to build a personal history or family archive. The aim of Historia is to create a visual archive of our world and establish a community of time-travellers to expand the experience.



How It Works



Augmented Reality

Augmented reality apps have advanced remarkably in recent years. The idea of augmented reality, or AR, is to enhance the users perception of their surroundings, and enables them to interact with a virtual world like never before. AR blends the real world with a virtual reality together in an engaging and interactive environment. Recent technology, such as the upcoming Google Glass, will allow people to experience Historia on a previously unimagined scale.


Augmented Reality and Historia

Using augmented reality, Historia is able to recognise your surroundings and enables you to see the past come to life before you. Simply scan with your device to reveal photos and videos. These can be further explored by clicking on them. Historia will give you the story behind your chosen data. The information presented to you in explore mode can be filtered to your preferences. While interacting with a particular timeline, Historia will only present to you, the relative information.

Using augmented reality, Historia is able to recognise your surroundings and enables you to see the past come to life before you.







Popular Timelines

Popular Timelines are virtual tours created by our researchers and Historia team. The tours with the highest star ratings near your location will appear at the top of the list. When you have selected your desired tour, select to read about it. In this example we have picked a tour surrounding the events of The Easter Rising of 1916. The sub-menu at the side provides you with the resources available. This menu gives you access to images, videos, audio clips and archival footage. You can also use the interactive maps to tour the city, and even use the AR mode to see the events in real time.


Explore Mode

In Explore Mode you use the augmented reality interface. Freeroam your city and let Historia surprise you as history unfolds before you. While journeying a timeline tour, Explore Mode will only present you with information revelant to that tour. To see additional information about any photos or videos you encounter, simply tap it to explore further.


My Profile

Your personal Historia profile is located here. It tells fellow time-travellers your username and location, as well as your favourites and interests. From here you can view the personal timeline, containing any events you have recorded of your past. It could be anything from a photograph of the house your grandparents grew up in, to home movies! Be creative and record the past with Historia. The profile also contains timelines that have been added to your favourites as well as Historia interests such as ancient history, music history, or maybe the Vikings?






What can I do with Historia?

There are a number of ways to use Historia. You can browse and embark on popular timelines, read and learn about your favourite periods in history, or simply freeroam in Explore Mode and see where your time-travelling journey takes you.


Can I use Historia abroad?

At the moment the Historia database is confined to Dublin. However, with ongoing collaboration with developers and the Historia time-travellers community, it could potentially be a worldwide tool used to explore the world. Imagine being able to use Historia in Rome and see the Roman Empire, or go to Stockholm and see it as the Vikings lived!



How much does it cost?

Historia should be an open source social experience for anyone how is interested in history to explore. An open source platform means that Historia can grow with its users, and together we can create an extensive database of our history, both known public history and personal family history.


What devices does Historia work with?

Historia is currently for use with the iPhone, with development for iPad and Android devices in the works.


Where can I find out more about Historia?

You can sign up for our newsletter for updates in what's happenening. As well as this you will be notified when updates and information such as new timeline tours are added to the database. Alternatively you can also check out the blog!





An open source platform means that Historia can grow with its users, and together we can create an extensive database of history.





If you have any questions or would like to sign up to the Historia Newsletter, email our team at Historia_app@gmail.com


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