Promotional brochure for the film and television production course at IADT. The folder was inspired by the 'rough-and-ready' environment of a production floor, as well as the equipment and tools used in the craft of film making

About the Project

Each year visual communications students of IADT are tasked with redesigning the prospectus brochure for the Film, Art and Creative Technologies school. Given a respective course (mine being Film and Television Production), we were to re-interpret the course as it currently stands, in order to promote the course to potential future students.

In response to this brief, I firstly explored the space where the students work every day... the production floor. This research stage allowed me to get, not only a sense of the space, but also the level of engagement the students have with it. The resulting design piece is an attempt to recreate the tactile, hands-on approach of the environment. Heavy underlines reflect the gaffer tape markings on the floors and rough, hand written notes on boxes and creates. Gritty overlays and somewhat haphazard placement of imagery is a response to the equipment, screens, cameras and wires found within the working space.