An app proposal, designed to explore the city as it was in the past. Every corner has a story to tell, a hidden history lost to time. Rediscover your city with Historia and uncover the past just waiting to be revealed

About the Project

Grad Show project, Historia proposed that using the latest advances in G.P.S technology and augmented reality, we could walk the streets of our cities whilst scanning the environment in real time, and reveal the past around us with the use of archival footage, photographs, videos and newspaper articles. We could take virtual tours of historic events and travel the past with the use of interactive maps and timelines. The user could also create their own timeline, upload photographs and videos of their own, and build a personal history or family archive.

The project allowed me to explore user experience, interface and interaction design, as well as video editing, motion graphics and promotional material. These combined to bring to life and idea that could potentially change the way we see our environment.

You can visit the Historia website here