Handmade book, Wabizumai explores the culture of Japan together with its intrinsically ceremonial relationship with food and drink

About the Project

Designed in response to the ISTD 2013 Student Assessment Awards; Food For Thought, Wabizumai is a handmade book that explores Japanese culture, and its connection to food and drink as part of their rich culture. The word wabizumai has no direct translation in English, however it can roughly be translated to «living a secluded, solitary life in a humble dwelling.»

The book was initially inspired by a well-known sushi chef in Japan named Jiro Ono. The 85-year-old has dedicated most of his life to perfecting the art of making sushi, and sees it as his life to create beautiful food. Based on this philosophy, the book explores a number of customs in Japanese culture based around, not only food ceremony, but also the lifestyle and mental attitude of the people of Japan.

Understated and quiet, the book attempts to capture the humble qualities of this culture, with moments of colour or ornamentation, in an otherwise modest surrounding.